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This pre-cut vermiculite board has a centre hole so that when placed under a Caldera kiln stringers, murrini and glass cane can be pulled from below.
Made from 25mm (1") thick vermiculite board, approximately 29x29cm (11.5") with a 64mm (2.5") centre hole.

Pre-fire before first use. Heat at a rate of 278°C (500°F) per hour to a temperature approximately 30°C (55°F) higher than your planned process temperature. (ie. 830°C + 30°C = 860°C). Hold at that temperature for 30 minutes, then crash cool the kiln.  Lining with fibre paper will protect the board against any possible hot glass spillage after pre-firing.  Boards can become brittle after multiple firings so please remember to handle them carefully and make sure it is well supported under the kiln.













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