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NEW TASTER CLASS: Fine Silver Art Clay - Pendant and Earrings with Amanda Mires

Friday 24th January 2020 - 10am-12.30pm


Our TASTER classes are designed for people, who wish to create something beautiful in glass or Art Clay Silver whilst also getting an insight into these extraordinary materials and their multiple forms of expression.

This Taster classes will run for approximately 2.5 hours and is suitable for age 16+.  Whether you already have some experience or are a complete novice, you will be encouraged to channel your inner creativity to produce something unique.


Class Description: Art Clay Silver is finely powdered silver with a binder that allows you to shape and texture it in a similar way to clay.  This allows the complete beginner to create beautiful results without any knowledge of traditional silversmithing.  After firing you will be left with bespoke jewellery that is 99.97% pure silver!  This class will help you learn how to texture, shape, fire and finish your work so that you have 2 pieces of stunning jewellery to take home!

Project: 1 pendant and a pair of earrings, or 2 pendants

The fee includes 17g of Art Clay Silver, use of tools, as well as beverages.


You can read our terms and conditions for classes here.

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