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Screenprinting, Sandblasting, Powders and More! with Erna Piechna

5-6 November 2018  (Monday-Tuesday) 2 days


This screeenprinting class deals with all the main elements of creating interesting glass art: imagery, colour, texture and light.


We will create imagery from drawings, images from the internet, paper cuttings and found objects. These will form the basis for the preparation of the screen which will be exposed under a UV lamp. The printing will evolve onto coloured and clear glass, sometimes on both sides, using the ready to use screen printing paste from Color Line.


Students will make multiple prints to get themselves familiar with the process. The prints will be fired and some of them will then be fused together on the second day to form a wall piece or a plate.


To add texture, we will apply sandblasting using photosensitive sandblast resist in combination with the screenprinted images.  An additional special effect may also be created by combining the paints with glass powders.


The class is primarily a hands-on experience but students will also receive full written documentation to be able to practice the techniques in their own studio environment.  All presented methods can be applied on Bullseye, Spectrum and Float glass.


 Techniques covered:

•       Screenprinting: Design making, exposure, printing ‘Easy Method’

•       Color Line: Colour preparation, mono-print, shading, colour gradation

•       Glasspowders: Sifting techniques, colour shading etc.

•       Firing: Firing of paints, choice of temperature for different effects

•       Sandblasting: Design making and masking, exposure.


Projects: 1 plate or wall piece, plus reference samples


Skill Level: No specific prior skills required

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