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Bullseye frits are made from crushed, screened and magnetically cleaned Bullseye Compatible sheet glass.

Our Medium frit ranges from 1.2 to 2.7 mm, will also trap bubbles, but these will be slightly larger and fewer than those created using fine frit. Using medium frit as a base glass will create a very homogenous blend with good transmission of light.

Cold Characteristics

Although termed an opal due to its almost total lack of light transmission, this is (in terms of its composition) actually a transparent glass.

Working Notes

Color can shift slightly from blue to purple under different light.

Color appears bluest in small amounts. As is true with many frits & powders, when firing Blue Black accessory glasses on sheet glass, the base color can impact the overall color. We’ve noticed that Blue Black is more likely to appear blue when fired on clear and white glasses as well as lighter cool colors. It is more likely to have a black hue when fired over warm colors, even in small amounts.


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