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Totally Portable - Take Anywhere Oxygen Concentrator!

This is a fantastic, incredibly small and light-weight, high quality Oxygen Concentrator having a capacity of 5 litres per minute, equal to most of the conventional and extremely heavy, often refurbished Concentrators on the market.

More than sufficient for a Minor Bench Burner, this incredible Oxygen Concentrator has a very low, whisper quiet, noise level of 40dBA, is mobile and needs minor maintenance.

This really is a 'take-anywhere' piece of equipment. At only 13.6kg and measuring a tiny 35 x 22 x 58 cm you can literally put this in the back of your car and go off and teach, demonstrate or make anywhere you want.


Electrical Requirements: 230 volts - 50/60 Hz
Flow Delivery Rate: 0.125 - 5.0 LPM
Oxygen Concentration: 90% 5.5/-3.0% at 5 LPM
Sound Level: 40dBA, whisper quiet
Electrical Consumption: 290w
Weight: 13.6kg
Dimensions: 350 x 220 x 580 mm (L x W/B x H)
Warranty: 3 years, subject to filter change at least once a year
Pressure: 0.84 bar

Please note that our Oxygen Concentrators are fresh out of the factory and ARE NOT refurbished models.

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