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Available to order only - heavy-duty vented shelf (see detail photograph above) especially for larger kilns at 122 x 76.2 x 3.8cm (48" x 30" x 1.5") can be cut to specific sizes as requested - up to six weeks delivery.

It is recommended that these shelves are supported by corderite posts (minimum 6) or spare pieces of shelf, to allow hot air to circulate underneath.

Warning: Shelf must be dry before use! Allow to kiln dry slowly (vents open) for at least 24 hours - do not exceed 110 degrees C until completely dry.

Composition: Corderite/Mullite

Please note: It is possible to have this shelf cut to size.  Please state exact size required when ordering (any offcuts will be included). As this item is a special order, it is non-returnable.

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