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Inner dimensions: 50 x 23 x 11 cm
Outer dimensions: 65 x 48 x 40 cm
Heating elements: 2-sides Firing
Electrical data: 230 V, 1,7 kW, 8 A
Max. temperature: 815° C
Thermocouple: KType Nickel-Chrome-Nickel
Controller: Sentry Express 4.0 (included in price)


The Paragon BlueBird XL is a dream kiln from the glass bead enthusiast to the flameworking teacher. The kiln has a generously conceived chamber for bead production or flame worked objects which safely anneals glass to prevent breakage during cooling. With your own Paragon annealing kiln, you will never worry about this kind of glass breakage again!

The two flaps 10 x 25 cm and 11,5 x 25 cm are wide enough for small or even medium sizes objects. Thanks to the digital controller the temperature stays homogenous throughout the chamber, thus ensuring perfectly annealed work. The cooling down cycle can be programmed precisely and in several segements.

The kiln can be placed anywhere, provided there is a 230V socket available. The insulation of the kiln is made from light fire bricks and compressed ceramic fibre assuring that the kiln exterior stays cool and the environment is protected.

The Bluebird XL kiln is a typical cooling kiln and less suitable for fusing or metal clays.


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