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Gold Coated Sheetglass - COE 82+/- 3

This precious metal coating is formulated to withstand bending and fusing temperatures and is therefore ideal for kiln worked jewellery, bowls and objects of all sorts, but it also works well in stained glass and architectural applications.

Compatible with most Float Glass Products COE 82+/- 3.

Firing Recommendations:
Gold or Palladium coated glass can be worked in the kiln, the coating being placed up or face down or in between layers of glass. The crackling effect, which may occur during firing, can be developed to be a special feature of this product. The firing schedule you need does not depend on the metal coating but on the properties of the base glass. Follow the instructions of the manufacturer of the base glass.

A brilliant, shiny gold metallic effect is achieved when fired "sunny side up". Firing with the coating face down or under a clear sheet of float often gives a duller effect.  All kilns are different and it is important to do your own tests, but we have found a smooth effect can be achieve at 850 degrees C, whilst a crackle effect can be achieved if fired even higher.

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