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Compatible with Pyrex and most other commercially sold Borosilicate glasses.
Rod Length 49 - 45 cm
Diameter 5-8mm
approx. 30 rods per kg
Annealing Temp 565 - 600°C

When working with one of the Rubies do so in a neutral to oxidizing flame. When heated, they un-strike to a transparent state. When re-heated, these reds start to return to their original red color.

It is best to kiln strike NS-07 Ruby. This allows the most uniform and even red to be achieved.

You should note that with Rubies, over-striking could occur which yields a dull opaque livery red. This can happen by working them too long in the flame or by kilning them too long. When kiln striking these reds, do so by soaking at 566 deg C (1050F) until the desired darkness is achieved.


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