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Replacement diamond-coated blade for Taurus 3 ringsaw.

Slicer Blade

This blade is the thinniest and only cuts forward and backward. It can grind slightly left and right, but take your time. Its action is just like that of a band saw but infinitely better in that you rotate the material into the blade as you are cutting.

This blade was developed for slicing material quickly. We recommend using it with the Super Slicer, (for slicing pattern bars and rods into thin repeatable wafers). Also it has a finer diamond so the cut is even smoother than other blades. This blade can help you achieve very intricate designs once you get used to it. Glass fusers love it.

*Blade Shape: Flat  .040 width x .150 length.

*Grit is fine.

*Material Thickness Capacity: 3/4", normal use is for slicing thin wafers in rods and pattern bars, 
and scroll cutting of fused glass up to 3/8" thickness.

*Average Blade Life: 50-100 hours

Best coupled with the Kevlar reinforced drive belt.

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