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Unlike cheaper brands this ceramic fibre paper is happy to be used at higher glass fusing temperatures without embedding into your project.

It is fantastic for lining the base of the kiln, especially larger flatbed kilns. It provides a smooth base for your work, covering gaps in kiln bricks etc. We recommend using it in conjunction with a shelf paper such as Thinfire or Papyros if you require smoother results, as the ceramic fibres offer a slightly textured finish.

You can also used it to create bas-relief texture in your glass: just cut to shape and place under the glass before fusing.

No fuser should be without this versatile product!

It is important to avoid contact with the skin, and wear a respirator designed to filter particles at all times when handling and working with the material. After firing clean any residual paper from the glass under water. When disposing of waste material always put in a plastic bag, sealed at the top.

5mm thick

Dimensions: 100cm width, 10m roll.

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