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Powerful long-life motor with double ball bearings. An integral coolant pump gives extra grinding capability. Additional coolant pump available for drill bits.
Comes with a 19 mm standard head. 16 mm & 25 mm bits can be easily installed.

Easy to set up and use, the Kristall 2000S is the perfect studio level machine for stained glass professionals.  Its size, design, and power make it big enough to handle all your glass grinding needs.


Key Features:

  • Powerful .353 N-m motor makes it the most powerful grinder in its class.
  • Spongeless, making it more efficient at recirculating water and washing debris away.
  • Premium double ball-bearing motor construction.
  • Large 235mm x 280mm work surface.
  • Comes with the Invisible Sponge Cooling System for sponge-less grinding.
  • Standard 19mm grinding head included.
  • Can be used with most Inland grinder bits including 25mm (1") if desired.
  • Many optional accessories will also work with the Kristall machines.
  • Comes with a 2 year warranty



Construction: Injection molded plastic
Voltage: 230/240V only
RPM / UPM: 2970 idle, ~2500 at peak torque
Maximum Torque: 0.353 N-m / 50 oz-in
Frequency: 50Hz
Maximum Horse Power: 1/8 HP
Watts In: 74 idle, 190 load
Watts Out (at peak torque): 92
Thermal Protection: YES


Inland Craft Europe has been manufacturing and providing diamond grinders and other lapidary and glass-related equipment for artists, hobbyists and industry for over 30 years.  Their Kristall line of glass grinders are exclusive to the European market and are the best-selling international grinders available, setting the industry standard for quality and value throughout the world.

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