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Creative Glass Equipment Hire


Our spacious studio is well equipped with essential machinery for the discerning glass artist. We have a variety of

equipment to hire and use in our dedicated workshop area, simply browse the list below and contact us to book a

convenient time slot, Monday to Friday 9am to 4.30pm.


BVD Flatbed Glass Kiln with Easyvent shelf: max working area of  92x71cm

Fuse £35+VAT  Combined (Fuse and Slump) £50+VAT



3x Paragon GL24 Glass Kilns for fusing/ slumping/casting: shelf size up to 55x55cm

Kiln casting projects quoted individually according to the firing programme - contact us with details

Fuse £20+VAT   Combined (Fuse and Slump) £30+VAT 



Glastar Sandblasting system (with pressure pot and dust extractor)

Max Glass size: approx. 60x45cm

£10 per half hour (or part thereof) +VAT


Glastar B12 flatbed grinder with full set of 30cm grinding and polishing discs: from 60 grit through to final polish

£10 per half hour (or part thereof) +VAT


Apollo Saw (with interchangeable blades)           

  • - Solid blade
  • - Sintered ring blade
  • - Wire ring blade

£10 per half hour (or part thereof) +VAT


Gemini Taurus III Ring Saw with diamond coated ring blade for intricate shape cutting

£8 per half hour (or part thereof) +VAT




Bench Core Drill and Flushing Head water fed glass drilling system, with selection of core drills for various size holes (please enquire for current size availability)

£8 per half hour (or part thereof) +VAT


UV lamps for various applications:

  • - hand-held lamp with curing box for UV resin/photopolymer plate
  • - Metal Halide 600watt lamp for photosensitive emulsions/capillary film
  • - Letralite 15watt exposure unit for photosensitive UV resist

£8 per half hour (or part thereof) +VAT



Bench space for Preparation: Free with any machine hire OR £10+VAT per hour



To book just call us on 01634 735416


The Small Print

Terms & Conditions:

Hirers commit to their projects entirely at their own risk and are expected to observe all relevant Health & Safety


Hirers will be responsible for 'clean-up' of the bench area and kiln/machinery before leaving the premises. Hirers

will also be responsible for loading and unloading the kilns.

Kiln work is to be collected at the time agreed with CGUK following firing. If you are unable to collect at the

agreed time CGUK reserve the right to charge a further fee relevant to the length of the delay.

Slumping firings are on the basis that hirers provide their own ceramic moulds.

Hirers are to provide their own tools and equipment. No use of any other CGUK equipment permitted without

prior agreement.

Machine hire includes a relative amount of bench preparation time and accessory blades, disks, drills etc. as specified

above. Kiln hire also includes a single piece of appropriately sized Thinfire paper.

All kiln, machine and bench space hire is subject to availability, must be pre-booked and the full fee must be paid in

advance. All prices are subject to VAT.

You will be required to sign a copy of our Equipment Hire Agreement stating that you understand and agree to the

above mentioned terms prior to using the equipment.

One Final Note: If you are unsure, we can advise you on your firing programme, on the understanding that CGUK

cannot be held responsible for the finished result or any repercussions thereof.


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