Diamaond Grinding Pad  - Red - 200 Grit

Electroflex Hand Pad - Red - 200 Grit




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ELECTROflex hand-held pads for wet grinding, smoothing and polishing of glass or ceramics, as well as engineered and natural stones like granite, marble and sandstone.

Comprising of a nickel-bonded diamond coating mounted on a semi-flexible substrate, these pads offer supreme durability and abrasive performance.

Works best when used with water.


ELECTROflex hand-held pads are colour-coded for ease of grit identification, (the higher the number, the smoother the finish):

Green 60 grit - extra coarse - where there is a need to remove lots of material quickly, leaves a rough surface.

Black 120 grit – coarse – as per green 60 grit but removes material slower and with less chipping.

Red 200 grit - medium - the starting point where there is no requirement to remove glass.

Yellow 400 grit – smooth – matt finish

White 800 grit - superfine - final polishing.

Blue 1800 grit - super-superfine - extra shiny final polishing.


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