Fuse Master - Glass Paints - White - 100gr

Fuse Master - Glass Paints - White - 100gr




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Glass Colours for Painting, Screen Printing and Airbrush

  • Firing temperatures 680- 840°C, effects from mat to glossy
  • for all glass types of COE 80 - 105

To be mixed with products "Waterfriendly Medium" see recommended products proportion approx. 1:1 (weight)

  • For painting and screen printing, dilute with small amount of water if necessary
  • For Airbrush application add pure alcolhol and apply in several layers - dry layers separately in between.


Mixing Colours

  • The Fuse Master colours (except for BF130) are designed to allow free mixing of all stains  and offer therefore the vastest spectrum of shades.
  • 966.BF129 Mixing White for denser and more milky effects
  • 966.BF135 Mixing Flux to lighter effects

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