Float Glass - 2mm

Float Glass



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2mm clear float glass, commonly also know as window or greenhouse glass.

Please note: Only 30 x 30cm pieces will be shipped.  Orders placed for larger sizes will be cut down to the relevant number of 30x30cm size. 

Larger sizes are available in store for collection or with a packing surcharge, please e-mail us directly on info@creativeglassshop.co.uk to order larger sizes.

All sizes are approximate.


This type of glass is produced by many different manufacturers but as its main intended use is not fusing it does not have a set COE but is usually 82+/-3 which makes it suitable for us with float compatible products such as OPTUL frits and powders (see our ranges 970, 971 and 972) and Thompson Enamel colours (963). Tests should be run for each new batch of float glass purchased to ensure compatibility.

Its smooth surface makes it ideal to paint or print on - ColorLine paints and pastes are perfect for this purpose as they can be used with a variety of COE glasses. See our product range 933 for further details.


Additional products should be applied to the 'air-side' of the glass as some colours, depending on their composition, may react with the thin tin coating on the 'tin-side' and cause discolouration.  A tinside detector is available to purchase as our product 951.198

Float Glass

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