Debitus - Grisailles - Black - 100g

Debitus - Grisailles - Black - 100g




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"Rocaille" (the melting agent) 5 SiO2 4 PbO + metallic oxyde colouring.
Note: grisailles can be mixed together

Distilled water and gum arabic or any other medium used in artist studios.
Vinegar is not advised: if you do use it, you should make test samples first.

Minimum 620°C to 750°C or more, depending on the color. For best results, leave it an hour at firing temperature.

Grisaille is a paint made from mineral pigments in a vitreous mass (melting agent) after firing, it has a matt or satin appearance, or gloss if fired at high temperature.
According to its use, you can get opaque effects or a transparent effect.
Note: grisailles are tinted in transparence; the transmited light is not colored.


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