UV Glue - 30-33 - 50 ml

UV Glue - 30-33 - 50 ml




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Adhesive for glass with glass and glass with metal. The curing process under UV-light requires few seconds and results in a strong and invisible bond. Suited for furniture, decorative objects etc.

Properties & Polymerization

The glass (or metal) needs to be thoroughly cleaned and dried prior to proceeding with the glue. The degree of the polymerization depends on the intensity and the distance of the UV-light source, the thickness of the bond as well as the light transmission of the

materials. We recommend using a UV-Lamp with a wave length of 365 to 420 nm with a power of approx.  100mW/cm2.

The curing times can vary with the thickness of the bond.


Keep in a dry space at max. 25°C. Avoid contamination – do not put back spilled or superfluous material back into the bottle.

Safety Aspects

When the UV-Lamp is switched on, wear eye protection with UV-filter. 

Application: Also for coloured and tempered glass and metals, for industrial applications, furniture and high quality joints

thin = 50
thick = 8000

500 – 1500
Gap Filling Capacity: 0.03/1.5 mm
Curing Time: 5 – 15 seconds
Colour: Transparent -
Translucent in thicker joints.
Light Transmission: > 98%
Resistance to humidity
at 40°C:
No indication

Special Order Item

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