Crea Cast Refractory Plaster Mix - 25kg

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CreaCast Refractory Plaster for Casting & Pâte de Verre

The base materials of CreaCast are a 50:50 mix of very fine silica flour (40 micron / approx. 250 mesh) and burnt plaster. CreaCast is extremely fine and is perfectly suited for smooth moulds with a high degree of detail reproduction. You can use it for any size mould for applications such as casting, pâte de verre and other single-use moulds.



Moulds heavier than 1 kg should be reinforced with glass fibre matting or strands. Add a handful of glass fibre strands to the prepared mould mixture. Stir evenly and pour the mould. If necessary reinforce the mould on the outside using steel wire/matting.


Full instructions including water/CreaCast ratio will be provided with each purchase. Always mix in a well ventilated area, wearing a NIOSH approved respirator.


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