Bullseye Rods - Garnet Red - 4-6mm - Transparent

Bullseye Rods - Garnet Red - Transparent - 4-6mm



"Striker" please read description


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"Striking glasses" change dramatically to reach target colour during firing. Colours may vary, depending on firing schedule, rate, atmosphere, and heat work.

Contains: Selenium
May react with: Copper
Cold characteristics: Pale transparent amber. Striker.
Torch: Strikes to a deep red in the flame and is rust coloured in small amounts. Keep transparent by using it in small amounts with minimal heat work, or adding it near the end of the time in the flame. Before it is put into an annealing kiln, check that it has truly struck; it should appear very dark, almost black. If it is still light in colour, gently cool and reheat the glass without bringing it to a molten state and watch for the glass to darken as it strikes. Labelling is advised because rod looks very similar to 1137.
Kiln: Hue and saturation may differ slightly when compared to sheet glass; a wider range is accepted due to changes that occur in the forming process.


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Bullseye Rods
Bullseye Glass Style

Looks pale but turns red

When these arrived they were a pale, almost green colour and I thought I might have been sent the wrong items. But I put a small piece in the kiln and it came out the right dark red colour. So, don't be fooled by the cold colour.

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