Bullseye Rods - Pumpkin Orange - 4-6mm - Opalescent

Bullseye Rods - Pumpkin Orange - Opalescent - 4-6mm




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Contains: Selenium
May react with: Copper
Cold characteristics: In cold rod form, the color of 0321 can vary even within the same production run.
Torch: This style may start off as light orange, consistently developing a bright, squashy color upon use in the flame. Depending on the color of the bead when it is put away, a range of colors may be achieved. If this glass is put into an annealing kiln with a red hue, then a true pumpkin orange color will result in the finished piece. If it is very light orange as opposed to red and the desired result is a true pumpkin orange color, gradually cool and reheat the glass without bringing it to a soft state, look for it to turn red and then put it into the annealing kiln.
Kiln: Lighter color and greater opacity than in sheet glass form. Slight variation in color with different production runs.


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Bullseye Rods

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