Bullseye Rods - Steel Blue - 4-6mm - Opalescent

Bullseye Rods - Steel Blue - Opalescent - 4-6mm




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Contains: Copper
May react with: Selenium
Cold characteristics: Opaque. Can have a dry surface.
Torch: Keep the glass blue by working it in a neutral flame throughout the process and keep it uniformly heated. Develop a matte metallic surface on this glass by forming the glass in a neutral flame; next change the flame to a reducing atmosphere by turning down the oxygen. At this point the surface should begin developing a metallic quality. Then turn off the oxygen completely, and build up a layer of carbon on the glass. Put the piece away in the annealing kiln with this carbon layer on it. Once removed from the kiln, the carbon is easily removed to expose a matte metallic surface. If you return the carbonized piece to a neutral flame, the metallic surface will disappear.
Kiln: Working properties and kilnformed characteristics are consistent with sheet glass.




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Bullseye Rods

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