Bullseye Rods - Light Aventurine Green - 4-6mm - Transparent

Bullseye Rods - Light Aventurine Green - Transparent - 4-6mm




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Contains: Selen
Cold characteristics: Gritty, sparkled surface that is rougher and slightly more transparent than 1112, Aventurine Green.
Torch: In the flame, the gritty texture of the cold rod translates to light sparkles suspended in a smooth transparent green glass. When molten, this glass has an extremely low viscosity and can be quite soft, which may result in a blurred edge where it meets other glasses.
Kiln: Sparkles are more densely populated on the outer surface of the rod.
Other: 1412 is more of a yellow-green with larger sparkles than 1112. This difference is most evident in thin applications.

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Bullseye Rods

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