Silberschnitt Cut Running Pliers

Silberschnitt Cut Running Pliers




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Quality aluminium glass running pliers, ideal for Tiffany and art glass work where the breaking of complex curves can be frustrating without this fantastic tool. Glass up to 5 mm thickness is broken safely and in a controlled manner. The adjustable upper pressure bar can be turned to follow your score making the breaking of inner curves and narrow strips of glass much easier.

Reach from edge of glass: 35 mm.

Replacement pressure plates also available (200.207B).

Instructions for use – Silberschnitt cut running pliers

To get the feel of the pliers, its best to practice on some scrap glass.

  • With a good oil-filled glass cutter, score a curved line on your glass, ensuring it’s a good even score.
  • Place the pliers over the end of the score at one edge of the glass, with the long bar uppermost, line up the score with the marker on the bar.
  • Apply pressure to start the score running, (grasping the pliers near the end of the handles gives best leverage).
  • Reposition the pliers a few millimetres before the point where the score stopped running previously, apply even pressure once more, running the score and repositioning at intervals along the curve.
  • Half way along, or where the score changes direction, start running the score again from the other end, meeting somewhere towards the middle.

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